Advocacy forms the basis of the existence for ICT Associations and consequently is the major service that the ICT chamber provides its members. This service is offered at different levels depending on the issues at hand affecting businesses; at association level, at chamber level and at Federation level.

Skills Development

ICT is largely a knowledge sector that highly depends on the competence of its uses and creators. As a chamber, continous development of our members is crucial to the development of the sector, and to our vision of making Rwanda the leading ICT driven society. As such, the chamber provides skills development for member.

Acess To Finance

Access to finance for innovative projects and solutions is not a unique challenge to African start-ups nor to the ICT, however, it is one of the most underserved sectors by financial institutions in Rwanda. Research has showed this is so mainly due to the failure of finance professionals to measure.

Access To Market

The ICT Chamber has embarked on seeking partnerships with foreign companies countries willing to do business with Rwandan ICT Companies. Through business partnerships, events and networking opportunities.


The ICT Chamber recognizes the need for great partnerships, with full knowledge that it cannot achieve its vision and mission without reaching out for help or helping other organizations with similar mandates or missions.


For ICT Businesses and organizations, membership in the ICT Chamber is the way to membership in the Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF). Membership is open to businesses, organizations and individuals.


The ICT Chamber is the youngest member of the Private Sector Federation (PSF),More specifically the Rwanda ICT Chamber brings together ICT Associations, businesses, groups and individuals into a community where they can share ideas on how to promote and develop Rwanda’s ICT and ICT enabled Industries. Our mission is making Rwanda, the leading ICT-Driven Society; Our vision is to be the leader in influencing transformation of the economy and culture through ICT
Our objectives are :

  • Creating career paths through skills development, especially among the youth,
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship and competitiveness,
  • Driving and protecting investments and innovation
  • Promoting export of ICT products and services,
  • Becoming the arbitrator of the ICT sector

Board Member

John Petter


Larry Ellison


Diana Greene


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